Emily Philips

Emily Phillips

Voice & Movement Therapist PgDip Music Dip Physical Theatre BA Hons

I have been teaching holistic wellbeing through the use of music, sound, the voice and embodied movement for fifteen years.


With a professional background in classical music, opera and physical theatre, I am passionate about helping clients to welcome a richness and vitality back into everyday living. I am inspired by the physical, somatic, psychological and emotional body and ways in which we can develop the capacity to listen to unhealthy narratives and beliefs in order to allow them to unravel and change.


My holistic approach is a fusion of sound toning, voice and breath exercises in combination with movement practises including yoga, somatics, embodied anatomy, qi gong and improvisation. 


Whether people are looking to learn to sing or discover new ways in which they can express themselves more confidently through the lens of voice and bodywork, I mentor children and adults in school settings, professional music and theatre organisations, women’s circles and on a private basis. Since 2018, I’ve been devising and delivering a wellness scheme that supports singers from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra Chorus in Edinburgh.


Specialist interests include nervous system regulation, anxiety, low confidence, emotional intelligence & learning.


I’m passionate about dancing and adventuring round the world sampling unique flavours, art, landscapes and cultures.