Healing Waters Meditation (Video)

Healing Waters Meditation (Video)

This is the third in a series of nature meditations from Jeeta. Find the first and second meditations here; Forest Meditation & Beach Meditation.

Welcome to a short (just over 10 minute) journey for slowing down and connecting with nature.  This journey focuses on easing any sensations of emptiness or hollowness. Like the other short journeys, you can use this one to help you lift out of where you have been into a new more balanced state. You can use it for some mental downtime whilst working from home or homeschooling, grounding when anxiety levels increase and can also be used before and after activity – walks, exercise, yoga  – but not while driving! Please listen as often as you like and adapt it to your needs. Make the journey your own, this is just a framework to provide the structure. If you like the music you can find it on several sites – Angel Love by Aeoliah. 

Choose a comfortable, quiet place to lay down, where your head and back are supported and hands resting lightly. You can place cushions under your knees to release your lower back if you wish. Take a few deep breaths, then let your body breath in by itself and focus on breathing out, slowing down your out breath. Enjoy…

Jeeta K'inan Meditation

Jeeta K’inan

Holistic Therapist & Operations

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