Jeeta K’inan

Holistic Therapist & Operations 

In my role as a Consultant, my approach is integrative and holistic, aimed at healing on all levels – body, mind, heart and spirit – developing session experiences into creative and practical skills.

My concurrent business role at TRC Group is to initiate organisational operations, which allow the smooth running of the company and support the day to day operations.

With my background in Psychology and Computer Programming, these combined roles have created a unique, flexible and creative work dynamic, which I am delighted to say has found a home at TRC Group. The positive, holistic approach, providing gateways to human potential is one close to my heart – opening to life, reclaiming ones’ power to change, discovering tools to manage each day as it comes, accepting ones’ emotions and cultivating authenticity are all part of a higher purpose of living.


“To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.” Anon

“Every wall is a door.” Emerson

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.” Galileo