Lauli Moschini  

EMDR Therapist MA (Art Psych) HCPC BAAT

I have over 16 years’ experience of working with social, emotional and mental health issues and trauma, in a variety of setting including the NHS; Education; the Police Service; Looked After Children and in Private Practice.

Following a degree at The University of Edinburgh I worked for an NGO in International Development. I went on to take a Masters in Art Psychotherapy, and later trained in EMDR; Child and Adolescent EMDR, and Attachment-Focussed EMDR.

My therapeutic approach is informed by ongoing research in trauma and neuropsychology – influences such as Professor Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory of the autonomic nervous system’s response to perceived safety or threat in the environment, and Paul Gilbert’s advocacy for the healing power of Compassion in shame based evolutionary and cultural systems.

We are a social species dependent on co-regulation for survival, and we adapt as best we can to our environments and life events. These coping strategies sometimes become maladaptive and develop into harmful or self harming behaviours; mood and thinking disorders, phobias, PTSD, relationship issues etc. In EMDR therapy we work with the memory networks and core beliefs at the root of these adaptations which are no longer helpful in the present, and we harness the client’s own healing potential and innate drive towards equilibrium to enable them to grow into what they want to be now and in the future.

This is a life-giving, creative, imaginative process, and it is a privilege to accompany people on their journeys to wholeness.

My home is in Suffolk, and when I am not working I enjoy being with family, animals and friends, painting, and swimming and surfing in the North Sea.