Adolescent Day Care Treatment
TRC is London’s only private adolescent treatment clinic, providing day care for young people. We offer specialised adolescent treatment for anxiety, depression, self-harm, trauma and eating disorders.

Customised Care
Our service is completely customized to the needs of the individual, whether they are suffering from depression, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, trauma or other issues.
We devise a unique goal-orientated treatment plan for every patient, that enables each individual to achieve fulfilment and resolve any issues that are holding them back.

Extended Care & Aftercare Support
Anyone who comes to see us from an inpatient setting will experience wraparound after care to enable a safe transition back to a full and busy life. We have extensive experience of managing this transition and we believe our unique approach is what sets us apart.

The Prevention Centre
Over the past fifteen years, our senior team have researched and implemented methods of arresting mental health issues before they become entrenched, chronic conditions. We will work with you to enable you to overcome issues at an early stage and to realise your potential.

Family Therapy
We have the expertise to help support everyone in the family to relate to each other and to become aware of familial patterns of damaging behaviour. Systemic Family Analysis identifies cross generational dysfunction and provides effective solutions for improved family relationships.

The Trauma Team
At TRC we help our clients identify and work through all types of trauma, from complex PTSD through to recurring difficult feelings and negative belief systems.