TRC has developed a set of services to provide support and guidance for families to help create and sustain a healthy and positive family ecosystem. Our Family Therapy is a bespoke service for each individual family. Every family ecosystem is unique and we work towards maintaining its’ individuality, through the integration of practical techniques and resources, which enables each family member to feel confident and comfortable in their role within the family unit.

Through our Customised Care approach, Family Therapy assists family members to:

– address significant problems through open and honest communication.

– explore attitudes and behaviours within the family unit that have a negative impact on a family member or the family as a whole.

– work towards helping you find solutions in response to your needs.

Within Family Therapy, there is the opportunity to participate in couples work to explore relationship issues. This will enhance the therapeutic work done within the family.

The Recovery Centre team believes in helping not just the individual, but supporting every family member through psycho-education and emotional support. The inclusion of all family members, regardless of age, is critical to the process of identifying the problems within the family system and making the appropriate therapeutic interventions. Family Therapy will provide each member of the family with an objective and ongoing support network. Through this we can assist you in creating an open and supportive environment where each family member feels safe and confident to communicate with one another.

Please telephone +44 (0) 20 7235 0080 if you would like to speak to one of our team about Family Therapy.