At TRC, we understand the power of incorporating mindful practice into daily life for restoring balance and enhancing perception. Whether through art therapy or transcendental meditation, we draw upon ancient techniques to facilitate healing and personal growth. Our team of therapists are experts in their respected fields, guiding you towards developing your own practices to enrich your life beyond TRC.

Mindfulness sessions at TRC are designed to promote both emotional and physical well-being, allowing clients to connect with their breath and the world around them. These transformative sessions take place in our dedicated relaxation rooms, equipped to create an immersive experience that encompasses all aspects of these treatment modalities.


Holistic Therapist (Anxiety Reduction, Mindfulness & Breathwork)

Yoga, Anxiety Reduction & Mindfulness BSc


Breathe (Video)

Caroline takes us through how we can feel after taking a deep breath, and has included a video on how we can fully do this

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