Octavia Calthorpe

Holistic Therapist (Anxiety Reduction, Mindfulness & Breathwork)

I am a breathwork therapist and life coach based in London. Since 2017 I have trained in America, the UK and Ireland in various modalities of breathwork including oxygen advantage and conscious connected breathwork. I am determined in reaffirming the inner empowerment to the day-to-day experiences of my clients.

Using simple, effective and accessible avenues for people to unearth the multitude of benefits of breathwork. I spend my days teaching my clients to reconnect to the power of their breath, to help relieve emotional issues, improve physical health and connect more deeply to their inner wisdom and the beautiful world we live in.

I want to help people connect back to the superpower they have inside – their breath, and in doing so connect back to themselves and to our beautiful planet.