Our Day Care programme is our highest level of care. It was developed specifically with young people (age 10 to 25) in mind to address the gap in available care for those who require more intensive support to help them manage their distress. Each Day Care programme is bespoke and created to meet the needs of our individual clients.

The first step to our Day Care Programme is an Initial Consultation with one of our Treatment Directors. During this meeting your needs will begin to be assessed and a programme will be developed to match the level of care that is appropriate to best support you. A further two-week assessment programme allows us to get to know you, and gives you the opportunity to meet your team of consultants. At the end of your assessment you and your family will meet with one of our directors and your case manager at a Review Meeting to hear your team’s recommendations for your ongoing treatment. It is at this meeting that we will discuss whether it is important to be in contact with external professionals, including schools if necessary, as part of a Care Programme Approach.

Our programmes integrate a variety of therapies and practices to meet your treatment needs. We take a holistic and integrative approach to mental health, and your multidisciplinary Clinical Team will reflect this. Your programme may include Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Nutrition Support, Anxiety Reduction, Mentoring and Group Therapy. Reviews are scheduled regularly so that we can adapt to your shifting needs to ensure ongoing effectiveness. We also combine family-based therapy, parental support and psycho-education which allows us to meet the immediate needs of a family, responding to their current difficulties.

We pioneered the bespoke Day Care treatment approach in 2006. Since then many have attempted to replicate our approach. We are yet to find another clinical setting in which our rates of success and our focus on the individual goals of our patients are replicated.

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