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The support I’ve received from TRC, both in early recovery and as I’ve recovered from my eating disorder, has been exceptional. My treatment dealt with both my mental and physical health, which has helped me grow into a happier and healthier person. My therapists at TRC have never failed to understand my feelings, and group therapy has made me realise that I am not alone in my ways of thinking. My team always made me feel safe and heard, and often going to TRC has been a welcome break from the stressful outside world.
Client (16)

I came to TRC at a critical time during my adolescence. I was acutely anxious and depressed. From the onset, the team at TRC devised a personalised treatment strategy for me, and with their expert care, professionalism, warmth, and nurturance, I quite soon began to emotionally develop and rebuild my life.
Ex-client (16)

Attending The Recovery Centre has been life changing. Despite feeling completely stuck after seeking help suffering from anorexia for over 5 years, the personal treatment from TRC got my recovery on track within a couple of months. The team are all amazing and go above and beyond to help everyone in their care. With the help and belief from all at TRC I am in a place that I never thought I would get to. I honestly believe that engaging with their professionals and the support offered, anything is possible. I feel a part of a TRC family and I will be forever grateful for the incredible support network they have provided for me to get my life back.
Client (21)

I credit this amazing community of practitioners with helping to save my teenage son’s life.
After casting around for help in a woefully overstretched CAMHS and then approaching individual private mental health practitioners one by one for our severely struggling 13-year-old, we thankfully landed at this wonderful one-stop shop of psychotherapists, dieticians and psychiatrists. Together they helped him and us join the dots of what was behind his mental health struggles. He then spent the best part of two years as part of the TRC family, lunching there, engaging in group therapy, art therapy and massage therapy and lots and lots of talking. And when he didn’t feel like talking, he just went for walks with the empathetic therapists. And TRC also helped us, as parents, navigate our way through a very difficult family time. I’m glad to say that our son has finally been able to return to education. His mental health struggles are not over but I’m relieved to say that TRC don’t give up on their clients/patients. Our son is now 17 and, while he is now functioning in the world in a way we never anticipated, he continues to see the therapists at TRC and we know that he will always be made to feel welcome and safe.
Parent of client (13)

TRC did a fantastic job of helping our 10-year-olds daughter’s malnourished state due to anorexia. Over a 4-month period they helped her back to a much more normal weight. She has not lapsed since and is now a healthy 13-year-old.
Parent of ex-client (10)

TRC and my therapist Sol offered me hope when I had lost all hope and have helped me to become a person I wouldn’t recognise or think possible 18 months ago.
Client (19)

When I started TRC, I was a broken woman. I had tried for so many years to cope on my own, and when I had finally hit my breaking point, TRC were there to scoop me up and help set me back on my feet. The various forms of one-on-one therapy and group therapy helped me find my voice, unpack years of baggage and learn how to live life as a functioning adult. I had ‘goals’ in life that I had dreamt of, but never expected to achieve, which I am now experiencing. Life still has its ups and downs, as it should, but I now know how to handle the good and bad times with the tools I learnt at TRC. Thank you everyone at TRC for helping me learn how to help myself.
Ex-client (25)

You recently did fantastic care to my client, and I would like to refer to you their 14-year-old brother and see if your team can help in the same way. Many thanks indeed for your care and attention as always.
Private GP

You guys really do work miracles and I will forever hold you all so close to my heart. TRC will continue to go on and do so many amazing things and help so many more people. I’m so proud to say that I was a client.
Ex-client (21)