‘I relate, I did that too, I was you. This is what I did to get free…yes it’s hard but regret is harder and we can do it together. And one day, soon, your own journey will inspire someone.’

Recovery is one of the most profound, life-loving yet challenging processes that can include debilitating ambivalence (particularly about weight restoration and abstinence from addictive substances) and self-sabotage. A TRC mentor can help reinforce your commitment, provide an additional level of accountability and inspire you through any complex issues.

A mentor can guide you as part of your recovery program at TRC and also during those vital moments, in between sessions. Mentorship can include in-house meal support; help setting and achieving goals, planning your program around school or work commitments, placing boundaries and introducing you to a suitable 12 step programme.

Many of us benefit from ego development sessions which range from working on self-esteem, resilience, self-purpose, body image, boundary-setting, assertiveness, confidence and conflict-management. Ego development can also encompass life-coaching and daily task and time management.


Academic Mentor And Life Coach PgCert MA Dip Philosophy

Joanna Paschali

Mental Health Coach MSc BSc TOPRA

Mental Health Coach

Phoebe Moore

Mental Health Coach