Holly Brink

Mental Health Coach

After finally finding freedom from a long and torturous struggle with anorexia, I am now passionate to help others find similar inroads into health and happiness. Training as a yoga teacher enabled me to begin to work with all sorts of people – listening intently and then teaching them movement and mindfulness tools that I had found beneficial in helping fuel my own recovery. My practice grew organically and I soon began finding myself working with several individuals struggling with mental health difficulties particularly eating disorders. Before long I had set up a system where although yoga still took an important role I realised that what was more essential was to help mentor these individuals practically and emotionally with their struggles. This work varied from client to client but would often include the following:

•  Eating alongside individuals in both a home and outside settings (restaurant/ cafe etc)
•  Helping prepare, cook and then eat nutritious meals on their meal plans
•  Supporting individuals undergoing CBT/Exposure based therapy
•  Accompanying sufferers to outpatient appointments/ recovery groups
•  Curbing exercise addiction for those struggling by replacing gym/high intensity sessions with each client’s individual movement/ yoga sequences
•  Being an arm’s reach support via messaging for those needing gentle encouragement at meals/ challenges etc
•  Supporting families with containing behaviours and difficulties caused by the eating disorder 

Keen to enhance my knowledge further I applied for a job as a part time support worker in an NHS inpatient setting, The extensive training they offered and subsequently the experience from working there definitely did this where I cared for those with very severe illnesses and with many co-morbid difficulties. I also enrolled on NCFED’s Master Practitioner’s training in Eating Disorders and Obesity and am looking to further my studies into a more psychotherapeutic role after the arrival of my first child this February.

Now working predominately at TRC, I feel so truly honoured to use this experience be able to work alongside so many wonderful professionals on the team. I am so inspired by all the amazing people that walk through the door and we are so fortunate to be able to help.

Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders & Obesity (NCFED) (in training) Yoga Teacher RYT 500hrs