EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a highly effective therapy that can bring relief to a variety of mental health concerns. EMDR has demonstrated significant benefits in treating anxiety, stress, depression, anger, grief, addictions and eating disorders.

Our EMDR therapy team use a combination of EMDR, Attachment Focussed or Attachment Informed EMDR.

Through this integrated approach, we aim to help our clients with emotional regulation, gaining perspective in the wider context of life, transforming negative belief systems and thought patterns into positive ones, desensitising the effects of past traumatic events, and creating motivation for a positive change.

EMDR can be used as a stand-alone therapy, or in combination with other therapeutic approaches, depending on the client’s individual needs and presentation.


Trauma Specialist MSc (Reg MBACP, FDAP Accred)

EMDR Practitioner MA (Oxf), PG Dip Couns (UKCP) (EMDR Europe)

EMDR Practitioner BA, MA, Ad Dip, UKCP

Psychotherapist & Eating Disorder Specialist MSc BSc RMHN (Reg MBACP) London & Edinburgh

EMDR Therapist MA (Art Psych) HCPC BAAT

What Our Clients Say


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