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Big T, Little T Trauma (Podcast)

A podcast with our Trauma Specialist Lucinda Gordon-Lennox and Pipa Gordon for her podcast, ‘Inside My Wardrobe’.

An excerpt from Pipa:

‘What is trauma? How has Covid Lockdown affected us? Collectively have we experienced a traumatic event? How do we heal? How do we define big trauma v little trauma? Is yours worse than your neighbours? How do you know if you even carry trauma? Most likely you do, and in this episode you will discover how to find out – a shortcut is asking yourself whether or not you ever feel that you aren’t good enough.

In this episode I am joined by Lucinda Lennox, trauma therapist from The Recovery Centre in London. She says, “most of what weighs us down, isn’t ours to carry” and that trauma from various life events causes us to build up barriers which prevent us from finding ourselves and living OUR lives. We talk about trauma, what it is, how it affects our lives and whether or not it is possible to break free from its shackles.

Big T and little t trauma – what is the difference? There’s the large events that cause trauma, for example a sudden death, witnessing a traumatic event, rape, being in a war or seeing perhaps the effect of violence and war by nature of being somewhere it is happening right in front of you. There’s also the little t trauma, the absent parent, the mother that doesn’t show love. There’s then another, Generational Trauma and we discuss how it gets passed through our DNA – it’s fascinating stuff.’

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Lucinda Gordon Lennox

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