Phoebe Moore

Mental Health Coach

Of all the hardships life has presented me, anorexia and other disordered eating behaviors have been the most challenging to overcome, yet it was the most rewarding and granted me a freedom I never thought possible. Seeing what was on the other side of the chains of this disease hugely inspired me to be of help and guidance to others on this journey.

My experience has also consisted of conquering other mental health conditions such as depression, self-harming, addiction, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, agoraphobia, and complex trauma leaving my passion to reside in showing others a path to healing and liberation.

I have mentored and sponsored people under a twelve-step program and supported them on their recovery journey as well as been there to offer comfort and support to eating disorder sufferers while they have their daily meals. I have also partaken in twelve-step meetings at TRC, getting to know clients and sharing my experience, strength, and hope with them.

Outside of twelve steps, I have run a mentoring and coaching business which I started back in 2018 consisting of supporting clients through their hardships, assisting them to make a constructive plan to get where they want to be, and helping them overcome obstacles in their path.

I am honoured to now be a part of TRC where I can utilize my skills and experience to bring about positive change for clients. It warms my heart to witness the profound change that is recovery and see people go on to prosper and shine and to think that my own experience of the pain of this illness can bring some hope and light to the lives of others.