Dr Amina McDiarmid

Education/Skills Specialist and Academic Mentor BSc MRes PhD

I hold a BSc with Honours in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh, a MRes in Biomedical Science from the University of Glasgow and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from King’s College London. I am currently a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh exploring the genetic and cellular basis of cognition as well as it’s links to mood and behaviour. In addition to my career in academic research, I take on a small caseload of private clients who I work with as an educational/skills/training consultant and academic mentor. I have also completed postgraduate training courses on cognitive remediation, cognitive behavioural therapy and the psychological foundations of mental health.

In contrast to a therapeutic approach, my approach is deeply practical. This means often focussing on key areas that are critical for completion and strong performance in educational and academic settings such as study skills, organisation, motivation, time-management and focus. This involves working with a persons own processes to develop associative learning, improve cognitive processes and executive function.

Therefore, sessions with me usually involve an assessment to determine the key areas in which the client would like to see improvement. This is followed up by identification and implementation of possible strategies for improvement in those key areas. Because I hold a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, and have over a decade of research experience in this field, I tap into the wealth of knowledge available in the scientific literature to create a bespoke and evidence-based strategy/practical strategy tailored to the individual. The goal is to support clients by equipping them with the practical, cognitive and psychological tools needed to achieve their potential by using a strategic approach to tackle specific problems empowering each person to move independently towards short-term and long-term educational goals.