Dr S Lisa Mukherjee

Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist MBChB, DCH, FRCPsych

I have held the position of Chief of Mental Health Services and Clinical Lead of the Feeding and Eating Disorders Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

I trained initially in paediatrics before training to become a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Royal Free Hospital and the Tavistock Clinic in London. During the last 17 years, as a consultant, I have gained experience in clinically leading specialist national in-patient and out-patient eating disorders services within the NHS in London.

I have set up innovative successful services that aim for full recovery. The most recent of which was long listed for an ACAMH award. My holistic approach aims to understand the heart of the illness for each individual so that every young person and family can find their own personal way back to themselves.

I am passionate about working collaboratively with my colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for the young people and their families.

I believe it is our team’s job to help your team, your family, to reconnect and find each other again, despite an eating disorder’s attempt to keep families apart. Together you are stronger.

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