Caroline Toshack

Movement Therapist BSc

I have been working with movement and wellbeing for almost 20 years and am continually inspired by how resourceful the human body is. I believe that our physical habits, patterns and postures are an expression of our relationship with ourself and with the world around us. By working with our body through movement we can unwind patterns of behaviours, beliefs and thinking that are not representative of our core self, and which instead are stopping us from living a whole and fulfilling life.

I meet my clients where they are at, with no judgement or assumption, and focus on moving forward from there in partnership with one another. My approach integrates movement practices such as pilates, yoga, feldenkrais, body mind centering and somatics with other modalities such as mindfulness, CBT, compassion focused therapy, NLP and schema therapy.

I specialise in working with chronic pain, compulsions and eating disorders.  In addition to working as a therapist, I am also a specialist educator on eating disorders. I lecture at various university faculties in Edinburgh and train other movement, exercise and sport practitioners on supporting those who are experiencing eating disorders.

When I’m not working, I love walking, running or mountain biking in the hills and trails I also snowboard and enjoy reading, cooking, and drawing.

My main relevant qualifications are:

Therapeutic Pilates, Therapeutic Yoga, NLP practitioner, Certificate in 3rd Wave CBT (including Mindfulness, CFT, DBT, ACT)