Georgia Mancroft

Clinical Manager & Group Facilitator MBPsS MSc BA (Hons)

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the TRC team since 2016, and in my role as the Clinical Manager since 2018. During this time I have work closely with our clients and their families at TRC, managing programmes, coordinating with our in-house Clinical Team and with external professionals involved in our clients’ care. I particularly enjoy facilitating weekly Process Groups and engaging clients in individual sessions within their Assessment Programmes.

I have master’s degree in Psychology, and in September 2020 I started my Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy where I am being trained in humanistic, psychodynamic and CBT modalities. Working from an integrative perspective helps me to meet my clients where they are, supporting them to make sense of their distress in the context of their life stories, and tailor their sessions to meet their individuals needs and therapeutic aims with a keen awareness of psychotherapeutic theory and the evidence base for treatment.

During my training I have continued to work at TRC as a member of the therapeutic team whilst also completing additional training and placements at external Eating Disorder services and charities specialising in supporting survivors of sexual trauma. I have worked with a wide range of presentations including depression, anxiety, self harm, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, attachment trauma associated with personality disorders, as well as trauma more generally.

Being trusted to help our clients in times of distress and confusion has never been a responsibility that I have held lightly. Working with clients and families at TRC has been such an incredible experience. I am always blown away by our clients’ courage, which I understand this is in no way simple and in fact very hard work. I feel privileged to be part of even the smallest part of this process.