Maristela Lima-Napier

Integrated Counsellor
BA Hons, DCounsPsych (Reg MBACP and COSCA)

While my first degree is in Theology and Social Studies, I chose to become an integrated counsellor, with a personal preference for Person-Centred. I believe therapy allows a person to explore their emotions, without judgement, and recognize how they influence behaviour and interaction with others.

Over the past years, I have gained a wide insight into human development, mental health and cultural backgrounds. As part of my BA Hons degree, I worked within the Asian and Middle East community in England, which gave me a great understanding of how spirituality can provide a sense of meaning and purpose.

I also had the privilege to work as a hospital Chaplain in Orkney and in some Primary Schools in Edinburgh. The experience enriched my understanding of neurodiversity. Children and young people experience sadness, anxiety, self-esteem issues and behavioural outbursts because emotion evokes motion, it is all part of life experience. It is when these experiences have ongoing negative impacts on the child and family, then these issues may need to be addressed. I have experience in journeying with neurodiverse minds, like ADHD, ADD, ASD & ACEs, assisting patiently to flourish in their own rights and pace.

I am a registered member of COSCA and MBACP.

A bit personal: I am originally from Brazil. I love reading, studying the latest trends in therapy, walking, cooking, talking to people and rugby, I have to confess I can’t understand what the scrums are for! I am warm and empathetic with a great sense of humour and help you to feel relaxed and comfortable as we journey together through life experiences.