Integrated therapeutic support to ensure ongoing confidence.

At TRC, we provide bespoke psychological services through a range of treatments. For the last 15 years, TRC has been helping people recover from their mental health challenges. Integrated programmes tailored around the needs of the individual are designed to meet unique difficulties. Areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, family therapy, learning and eating disorders.

Innovative and Specialist

Our approach has adapted over the years. We rely on both cutting edge research and philosophies tested over centuries. Societal changes have brought both new challenges and new opportunities for breakthrough treatments. Our holistic approach is directed by improved knowledge of how the brain and body both work together. We practice an ‘always learning’ mission to maintain a reputation for excellence.

Integrated Approach

We recognise that every individual is unique. Through our assessment process, we develop treatment plans to meet the specific needs of our clients. Integrated day programmes alongside 1-to-1 therapy is offered to best suit the situation. TRC offers a safe, quiet and trusted retreat within daily lives. Our focus is to provide the support each individual needs to achieve their goals.

Extended Care

We strive to offer support beyond our doors. Each TRC programme is designed for long term personal confidence. To best achieve well-being we encourage support through our network and community. Groups, mentors and support staff maintain a continuing service once treatment is reduced.