Rachel McGuire

Integrative Psychotherapist & Transpersonal Counsellor Dip Integrative Psychotherapy (Reg UKCP)

As a qualified and experienced Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapist, with over 15 years experience in General and Mental Health Nursing, my working life has always involved healing in some way. Many years ago, while working as an RGN the focus was upon the body, as an RMN primarily the mind, sometimes the power of the mind upon the body, at others, the body on the mind.

As I matured in my career and understanding, now working as a Psychotherapist the healing is about mind, body, soul or system.

The ways in which this is approached varies depends on the needs and preferences of the person with whom I’m working.

During my nursing careers, I worked on wards where major head and neck surgery was performed; in hospices, where dying is given as much importance as living; and in hospitals with adolescents, families, adults and children.  In all these settings, all these individuals and families experienced systemic distress  – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My time in CAMHS involved working with young people and their families in inpatient and outpatient settings.  Here at times psychiatric conditions were diagnosed and the individual and family were supported on their transformational journey until they felt able to manage independently or with support from other systems.

Eating disorders is an area in which I specialise, having spent over 10 years working in hospitals and private settings.  Anorexia, Bulimia, EDNOS and accompanying presentations including self-harm, OCD, exercise compulsions and low self-worth were all commonplace.

In my private practise I meet with clients presenting with a variety of difficulties ranging from feelings of general dissatisfaction to suicidal ideation.

Within universities I support students during their transition from undergrad to graduate, with life experiences that occur or present themselves during this time.

It’s not easy to acknowledge and share information about aspects of ourselves that we find less than acceptable.  However, if we are willing to take a step and begin to share our concerns with a therapist, as I have done myself, it is possible to experience tremendous change and a sense of well-being and purpose.

I aim to provide independently and as part of the team at TRC a fresh, professional, sincere, objective perspective, drawing upon theory, training, knowledge and experience.  I accompany this with an encouragement to experiment with more helpful, adaptive thoughts and behaviours that will hopefully be liberating and extraordinarily revitalising.

Qualifications and training: RGN RMN

Dip Integrative Psychotherapy, including CBT techniques and skills

EMDR (full training parts 1,2&3)

Mindfulness and Creative Visualisation