Rebecca Jennings

Nutritional Therapist MSc

I am a registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition, having qualified with a Masters (MSc) in Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan in 2016. Since then, I have gone onto study 2 Masters Modules in Eating Disorder Clinical Science & Eating Disorder Treatment at UCL University, as well as Eating Disorder Training for Dietetics training at Leeds Beckett University. I have been working in the field of eating disorders since the start of 2017.  

I initially got into nutrition, after completing a degree in Sport Science and competing at national championships in the 400m hurdles. With wanting to perform at a high level, it required understanding of the fuel needed to do so and therefore nutrition became a subject of interest. Whilst studying for my masters, I worked at Chelsea Ladies Football club. Throughout working in the field of sport, it became abundantly clear how poor athletes’ relationships with food was and the ever rising pressure female athletes place upon themselves to look a certain way. This led me into the route of working in the eating disorder field.

I have since worked at The Priory Lifeworks & The Recover Clinic in Soho. My approach is always catered towards the individual’s need and at a pace that feels appropriate, my belief is that we all have our own innate food personalities that need nurturing, and my hope is to guide people into being able to eat in a way that best supports their own physical and mental wellbeing.