Robert Batt

CEO, Founder & Clinical Director  Honorary Professor MSc NCAC (Reg MBACP, FDAP Accred)

My role is to lead the organisation and to manage the direction and expansion of The Recovery Centre.

I believe passionately in the ethos of providing the best and most effective solution for the individuals who ask for our help, advice and experience. I created and developed the concept of Customised Care 15 years ago and I continue to pioneer new and innovative treatment programmes for our clients based on their unique goals and individual circumstances.

I hold a Masters Degree in Psychology and have been practicing for 2 decades. I have studied Positive Psychology with Dr Tal Ben-Shahar (Positive Psychology lecturer at Harvard) and Philosophy with Dr Phil Joice at Oxford University. I am a current PostGrad at Darwin College, Cambridge.

My weekends are spent on our family farm in Norfolk, with my wife and three daughters: Laura, Isobel and Emilia.


Martin Seligman – Professor of Psychology University of Pennsylvania – for writing the positive counterpoint to DSM-IV; Character Strengths and Virtues

James Hillman – Author of The Soul’s Code in which he suggests that each individual holds the potential for their unique possibilities inside themselves already.