Robyn Spice

MPhil BA Dip (Reg MBACP)

I started my journey working within the mental health field in 2014. I researched the impact of societal expectations including; ‘the ideal female body’ and gender stereotypes. This research looked at how women are impacted in their day to day lives due to believing their body should look a certain way. After completing this research and hearing the impact that societal pressures had on each individual’s mental health, I decided to train as a psychotherapist.

I look to collaborate with clients to help facilitate change and growth. The therapeutic relationship is an extremely special one where I offer a safe place for an individual to explore their internal landscape and help navigate adversity. I believe that each of us has the capacity to work alongside our suffering and has the potential to grow, despite our difficulties.

Using a cognitive behavioural framework I specialise in the treatment of anxiety disorders, body image difficulties, trauma, and issues facing the LGBTQ+ community. I draw on training that has focused on the impact of adverse childhood experiences, trauma response, psychosexual issues and the impact of trauma on the LGBTQ+ community. I utilise an integrative approach to make sure therapy is tailored specifically for the person in the room.

After working in a school for almost three years, I have vast experience in working with young people, teenagers and families. During this time, I gained experience working with teenagers who were neurodiverse and struggling to cope with different issues that faced them.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Stirling and a Master of Philosophy degree in Body Image and Gender Identity from the University of Stirling. I have a SCOTACS Diploma in CBT Counselling and Groupwork from The Centre of Therapy and Counselling Studies in Glasgow, and I am a fully qualified cognitive behavioural therapist.

I am currently undertaking a certificate in Psychosexual Therapy at the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology. As an MBACP therapist, I am required to participate in ongoing continued education and personal development which help to develop my ability to practice in a way that is aligned with the latest research in the field.