Stephanie Jory

Psychotherapist and Eating Disorder Specialist BA (Hons), PG Adv Dip, (Reg MBACP)

I initially started training as an integrative therapist in 2010 whilst still an actress, writer and comedian; I also have a background in dance and fine art. I felt that my background in the arts gave me the foundations for working with people and understanding their body-minds as the arts are often an expression of what people do and why. I’ve always wanted to know people’s stories and, most importantly (for becoming a therapist), can feel into people’s pain, despite not always knowing what’s causing that pain- I’m very aware that, sometimes, it is just the symptoms of unwelcome feelings or behaviours which we can identify and that bring us to therapy.

I work psychodynamically and relationally meaning that I help clients explore their past and present life in order to identify and understand patterns and difficulties which are currently being experienced. I utilize the relationship between myself and the client, our interactions, to give insight into other relationships and to make sense of feelings. I listen a lot and endeavour to be a therapist who is honest, challenging and kind.

I have previously worked at an addictions’ clinic, at a women’s health clinic and at a day patient eating disorders’ clinic – working with clients with eating disorders has always been very close to my heart. I now have a private practice as well as working at TRC.