Valentina Sartore

Psychotherapist, MSc, BSc (Hons)

I hold a BSc with Honours in Psychology from Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh) and a Master of Science in Psychological Therapies from the University of Edinburgh. As part of my Master, I undertook a two-year placement at the Centre for Psychological Therapies, delivering therapeutic support to children and young adults, online and in-person, before joining the TRC Edinburgh team in October 2023.

In my practice, I draw primarily from CBT, an evidence-based therapeutic approach which aims to explore how thoughts, feelings and behaviours are connected, and how working on changing one of these aspects can have an impact on the others. The idea is that sometimes, we engage in thinking patterns and actions which may appear helpful short-term, but are often unhelpful long-term, maintaining our difficulties. I collaborate with clients to identify these patterns, explore what drives them, and modify them, in order to bring positive changes to clients’ mental health and lives.

CBT can help with a range of mental health challenges such as anxiety, low mood, social anxiety, OCD and more. It can support clients of all ages; I have worked with children as young as 8 and their families, as well as adolescents and adults. I have also worked with clients with ASD and ADHD: CBT can be useful for this population thanks to its range of practical techniques which can be applied flexibly and creatively.

CBT is a very goal-focused and active approach: the client is involved as experts in their own story, encouraged to monitor their thoughts and feelings, and practice techniques in between sessions. I regularly ask clients for feedback, and make our sessions as collaborative as possible. The aim is for the client to feel met where they are at, empowered to learn new skills and apply them to their lives so they can build a toolbox of strategies that will last them forever.

Building a strong and trusting therapeutic relationship is extremely important to me and will be a key focus throughout a client’s journey with me. I hope to offer a safe, non-judgemental, and warm space, where I can learn from clients as much as they can learn from me. I enjoy drawing from other therapeutic approaches such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and CFT (Compassion-Focused Therapy) to tailor treatment to clients’ individual needs, and help them feel kinder and more compassionate towards themselves, their difficulties, and why they got to where they are.

Alongside my work at TRC, I frequently work within the Psychology, Sociology and Education department at Queen Margaret University, where I am involved in a number of research projects, as well as in delivering workshops and marking on undergraduate courses. I also have extensive experience working with children and families thanks to my childcare background.

I am Italian, but have lived in Edinburgh since 2016; I love reading, music, walking, and crocheting, as well as spending time with my loved ones.

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