At TRC we provide care in the form of tailored daycare treatment, where each individual has their own unique hand-picked team and treatment plan designed to focus on their specific needs. The emphasis is on intensive 1:1 therapy and sustained, long-term recovery.
We continually strive to develop and reinvent our treatment models and our vision. Year on year our service continues to improve and innovate. Our clients benefit from new insights gained from our clinical successes, from emerging worldwide scientific research and from the sheer creativity that exists in our company. At TRC we are proudly independent and proudly innovative.

Initial Meeting at TRC

The first step is to book in an initial meeting with a member of our Clinical Team. This hour is a chance for you to learn more about how we work and for us to learn about you and assess your needs.

Adolescent Daycare

Family Therapy

Eating Disorders

The Trauma Team

The Prevention Centre