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Rothko’s ramblings from Rome

Being at home with my family has been a challenge for getting some peace and quiet and alone time; Zoom is the new normal, space is hard to come by, my family talk to me all the time. There is no-where to hide. They insist on three to four walks a day ‘just for exercise’. I bark at the Roomba but it won’t stop cleaning. What is is going on? 

I miss my friends and our chats in the park and at work. Being released back into the world feels so exciting and a bit scary with new adventures and a different pace. The world is topsy turvy and back to front. Anyone else feel the same? 

Jazz and I had our own mini gap year whilst others would hitch hike, we were chauffeur driven from Chiswick to Rome.  In Rome where they speak different dog, I say Bow Wow and they say Ciao Ciao. Now it’s all new again; time to see friends, and have fun but how? Can we hug and sniff again?

Here are my top suggestions to the dazed and confused – Rothko’s top 10 tips:

  1. Get curious again

2. Keep to your routine but practice flexibly and see how it feels

3. Walks and talks are fun but can take a bit of getting used to, notice when you need a rest

4. Explore new ideas and see what happens

5. Practice strolling, running, walking and listening

6. Check in with family and have a cuddle

7. List one of your greatest achievements

8. Celebrate your best moments, but laugh at your good ideas that went wrong

9. Try not to make too many big decisions at once

Would love to hear from you and your ideas.

With lots of love,

Dr Rothko, PhD

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