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Understanding Eating Disorders (Podcast)

TRCs Michelle Scott speaks to Pipa Gordon about people’s relationship to food and their bodies. Michelle defines what an eating disorder is, and how we can look out for them. To listen to the full podcast, please use this link –

Michelle has put some questions together to help people identify whether they need help with their relationship to food and their body:

1). Is a large percentage of my time and headspace taken up with thoughts about food, weight or my body? Is it hard to stop these thoughts when they start? 

2). Do I have rules or strong beliefs about food, my weight or exercise? Do I feel distressed if I break them?

3). Do I base a lot of my self-worth on how much I weigh or how I look?

4). Do I avoid social situations that involve food or because I don’t like how I look that day?

5). Does my eating or how I feel about my body have a big effect on my mood or how well my day will go?

Please do get in touch if you would like to hear more about our eating disorder programme at TRC.

Michelle Scott

Author: Michelle Scott

Michelle works at TRC London & Edinburgh

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