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Moving from disharmony into alignment

It’s not about dreams, it’s about alignment’

I recently heard this phrase and it really struck a chord.

There is a lot of visible reverse engineering going on in the world at the moment, with a collective dismantling of perceptions that is slowly unravelling as we go about our day.

A central focus is emerging around the importance of mental health, as we look into new ways to support the wellbeing of humanity amongst the changing landscapes of a global pandemic.

This idea of reverse engineering has of course always been happening in the forming and destroying of societies throughout time, but at the moment, there is a tangible visibility that feels inspirational for possibilities of change. What with larger scale movements such as Black Lives Matter, as well as grassroots organisations – humans are building the foundations for what is to come next.

What landed for me is that chasing dreams is an external process, and ironically although humans are designed to evolve through desiring change on some level, this striving can make the body and mind feel like it has to do something, rather than be and rest in what it already is.

The polarities of alpha, the seeker and omega, the receiver meet to dance.

The movement quality of chasing creates the energy of trying to get somewhere or running after something as if you are behind it,

an out of reach-ness ensues where someone feels like they might ‘lose’…

But this is the old paradigm misunderstanding of what it is to feel driven in life or at work, and in welcoming our dreams into being. It’s driven by unhealthy patterns of the chase, and it’s old because it’s not resonating with what now feels good for the future sustainability of the earth.

When we figure out ways to feel in alignment with ourself before anything else, this is the flow zone. This is when a sense of purpose rises like a phoenix, a clicking in sensation is felt, a meaningful lightbulb turns on, and an inner or outer competing can subside.

When we’re in emotional, psychological and vibrational alignment, this is the magnetism of being a creative individual, where a stable sense of calm signals a deeper state of wellbeing within work, relationships and life in general.

This is where the space for dreams to fall into your pathway appear, without trying, simply because they’re the same resonance as you in that moment.


Author: Emily Phillips

Voice & Movement Therapist PgDip Music Dip Physical Theatre BA (Hons)

Emily Philips

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