The Telegraph: Covid has intensified the student mental health crisis

The Telegraph: Covid has intensified the student mental health crisis

Robert recently wrote an article for The Telegraph about student mental health at Universities during the Pandemic.

An excerpt from the article:

“There needs to be a change of thinking, a shift in paradigm. What I want to see is care – genuine care, not just churning students through the system for the sake of attendance, results and reputation. As one student told me, you could go to your university and say that you have a broken leg, or a broken heart – and they would say that it’s not their responsibility; their policy is that they are there to educate, not to provide medical services. The waiting lists for counselling at many universities is in excess of fifteen weeks. I want students to have agency, to have the opportunity to talk about what they want to talk about it and to be able to seek support where they want to find it – because they’re worth it, and they should feel that they are.”

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Author: Robert Batt

CEO, Founder & Clinical Director Honorary Professor MSc NCAC (Reg MBACP, FDAP Accred)


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  1. George Hosking

    Robert, what you write is so accurate, as we have found from contact with both students and staff at a number of UK universities. What is the solution? We have a suggestion – to make universities trauma-informed. Let me know if you would be interested in a conversation about how we can succeed with this goal – part of a wider movement to create trauma-informed police forces, health services and communities which we have been pursuing since 2017. We began work with our first university this year. This stemmed from work which in 2018 led to the publication by my colleague Ita Walsh of the report ‘Age 2 to 18 – systems to protect children from severe disadvantage’.

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